Meet Rachel

As a lifelong ecopreneur, Rachel dreamed of building Get Kelp during the pandemic. Stumbling upon the podcast ‘Kelp Farming, for the Climate’ by How to Save the Planet, she recognized that seaweed was the answer to many of the global issues facing us today. After 20 years as a scuba instructor championing for ocean protection, she was inspired to help grow the seaweed industry. 

Seaweed can cure global hunger, heal bodies, strengthen communities, regenerate ecosystems, and fix our climate. It’s highly versatile and gives us the opportunity to reverse humanity’s impact on the our planet.  

With the global population growing at 83 million people per year, seaweed is a solution that everyone can take part in, right from home – but not many people know about it yet! Thus Get Kelp was born.

Rachel hopes to encourage people to improve their health and the health of our planet, by choosing kelp. Read how here.

Rachel Huber Eating Kelp | Seaweed
Rachel tasting kelp in Bamfield, BC.
Seaweed and giant kelp are sometimes called “the sequoias of the sea.” Yet, at a time when so many people are talking about climate solutions and reforestation — there aren’t nearly enough people talking about how the ocean can be part of that.

How to Save a Planet the Planet (Gimlet Media)

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