Ocean Influencers Making a Splash

If you’re new to seaweed or sea side of things (see what we did there?), you’ll want to follow us on Instagram. Plus follow these influencers who are making positive strides for the industry and the ocean. Do you know someone we should highlight here? Email us!

Cascadia Seaweed. These visionaries over at Cascadia Seaweed really see the whole picture. Seaweed can heal our planet if we collaborate, not compete. From starting Seaweed Days Festival to educating the public, all while operating multiple kelp farms on Vancouver Island, Cascadia is on a mission to improve human health, support coastal communities, and heal the Earth.

Amanda Swinimer

Amanda Swinimer. Amanda is a sustainable seaweed harvester and marine biologist at Dakini Tidal Wilds. She shares her knowledge through workshops and has authored a book ‘The Science and Spirit of Seaweed’.

Kelpful. This small worker-owned cooperative is run by women with the dream of farming seaweed. They want everyone to relish the experience of eating seaweed as much as they do. Located on the California coast, Kelpful offers seaweed foraging adventures and seaweed products they harvested and hand dried in the sun.